Rookie Mistake (or Read the Instructions)

April 17, 2016 (by Angela)

Jim and I are having such an awesome weekend! The weather has been great, and he and I have been working and playing together so well. The only real snag in our in sync weekend was a rookie mistake we made this morning while doing chores around the camper.  If you read Trials and Tribulations in the RV, then you know about the water filter being removed from the RV during the cold weather.  Right or not, we have declared freezing weather in our neck of the woods to be done until late fall, so he and I were doing things we do twice a year. One of the chores on the “to do” list this weekend was to replace the absent water filter.

The type filter weve used

The type filter we’ve used

I was working on something, and I saw Jim grab the box with the filter in it, so I knew he was about to put it on. I never thought about the fact that we need to run water through the filter BEFORE attaching it and the hose back to the RV. Since it never crossed my mind, I didn’t think to mention it to Jim.  Jim did not think about this either. Heck, changing water filters is something we just do without having to think about it, so why would he read the instructions? It is the same filter we have used since we started using the RV.  *Key the ominous music*

That chore done, I called Jim over to help me get the bumper caps on; I’d gotten one on without issue, but the one on the opposite side from the water hook ups at the rear of our 5th Wheel was giving me issues. He’d just popped in the cap into the bumper when there was an explosion and water was running down the gravel at the back of the site.

He and I looked at each other, stunned, and then we moved to the other side to see what had happened. This is what we saw.

The source of the explosion

The source of the explosion

The rest of the water filter, with water running out of it, was on the ground.


The rest of the filter

It took a good bit of effort to get almost all of the filter material cleaned off the camper. I was frustrated, but not at Jim – just at the situation in general.


You can’t even see all of the mess in this picture; we cleaned “stuff” that shot above the window on the slide.

I highly doubt that either of us will make this rookie mistake again. Regardless of how many times you have done the same thing, if it is not something you do at least weekly, it is probably a good idea to refresh your memory (or give it a kick in the head) on the proper procedure for whatever it is you are about to do. It may save you some frustration and money.


2 thoughts on “Rookie Mistake (or Read the Instructions)

  1. Oh no! That’s crazy! Was that all the charcoal stuff? We never had that problem when we used to use that kind of filter and never rinsed them before putting them on. We always just ran the faucets inside before using the water to get the charcoal residue out…


    • Yes, that was the charcoal, and if you had on the faucets inside before (or immediately after) turning on the water, that is probably what saved you. Jim said that having the faucets on would have done the same thing as running water through the filter first – reduces pressure in the filter (or something like that). I’m glad you haven’t had one explode on you!

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