Our Misadventures in Moving to a New Storage Spot

April 3, 2016 (by Jimmy) – When Angela and I started full time in the RV, we were not sure if we would continue the journey long term. Because of that, we stored some basic items, along with keepsakes, in a 10 ft. X 10 ft. climate controlled storage unit in Nashville. We have now determined that we plan to do this long term, so we needed to reevaluate the storage area. First, we need to be able to access the items in the unit, and that can’t happen with them stored in Nashville. So we found a climate controlled storage unit near Savannah. This weekend was moving weekend.

Now Angela and I have a rule – okay, we have many rules – but this one is specifically relative to this adventure. If you start a project, you are responsible for seeing it through. In this adventure, Angela was responsible for renting the truck and setting up things in Nashville; I was responsible for setting up the new storage unit, etc. You will see this playing a factor as you read on.

We had three days to move; the truck was due in Tupelo at noon on Sunday.

Day 1. The truck we rented was in Nashville. We would use it to move and then return it to Tupelo, MS. The first thing we had to do was drop off Chewie at dogvacay. He likes staying with his friend Possum, and he always has a good visit. That turned out to be about the only non-eventful issue of the day.


Chewie and Possum hanging out

Next, we went to get the truck to move our belongings. As mentioned earlier, Angela set-up the truck rental. We signed the papers, and the attendant brought the truck around. Now we were moving a 10 ft. X 10 ft. unit that was stacked on average, I’d guess, 7 ft. high (10 X 10 X 7 = 700 cu. ft.) in a truck that was 12 ft. X 6 ft. X 6 ft. high (12 X 6 X 6 = 432 cu. ft.). We quickly changed our plans of loading the truck and making one trip to the storage unit to loading the truck and making two trips to the storage unit. Since Angela had rented the truck with unlimited miles this was simply an issue of additional time to make a second run (6 hours) and not an issue of cost.

Truck too small for one trip

Truck too small for one trip

We had a hotel set in Nashville and decided to change the reservation to a hotel about 40 miles outside of town, so we didn’t have to come all the way back the first night (reservation cancelled with one minute to spare). We would make the first run Friday night, complete the loading on Saturday, unload Saturday night or Sunday morning, and get the truck to Tupelo before having to turn it in by noon.

The Moving Amigo

The Moving Amigo

So with the truck loaded, we headed to the new storage unit. Now the storage unit was mine to set-up. I had an address, but with my work schedule, I had never had a chance to go by the place and check it out. I was told it was in Michie, TN, but the address wouldn’t load into the GPS. We decided to go to Michie because a new storage area shouldn’t be hard to find in such a small town. We got to Michie about 9:00 PM and looked around. We found nothing. I stopped at a Dollar General Store and asked if they had heard of a new storage unit anywhere near there. The workers were clueless, but one of the patrons said she knew of one that was just opened. She said, “take the road out front and go south until you hit route 350; turn right, and it was right there.” When she said this I knew exactly where it was. It was the storage unit I pass on my way to work. I had told Angela just last week about it, but didn’t think that was it because it wasn’t in Michie. It was in Mississippi. Anyway we went down there, and sure enough, that was the one. We unloaded, then headed back to our hotel arriving there about 2:30 AM.

Stacked and ready to be loaded

Stacked and ready to be loaded

Day 2. We had discussed the day and decided that some items were going to be delivered to Goodwill. So we would separate those and deliver them to the Goodwill donation center (near the storage area) first. We pulled out boxes and loaded the truck then took a number of items to the drop off center, and the loading and the delivery was the first trip.

Angela loaded the fragile items in her car.

Angela loaded the fragile items in her car.

We then decided that the mattress that we kept was not going to fit on the truck with all the rest of the items we wanted to store. The mattress being older anyway, we decided to take it to a bulk waste collection center. The only such center open was on the other side of town. So we loaded the mattress on the truck. Angela would load the car and continue to move things out while I did this, so off I went (half an hour both ways), and the loading and the delivery was the second trip.

The mattress covered the entire bed of the truck.

The mattress covered the entire bed of the truck.

All that remained in the storage area now were items that were to be loaded and moved. So we loaded the truck, and I headed to the RV in Savannah (we planned to take a nap before unloading). Angela told the owners that our unit was now available, took the car to pick up Chewie, and then chased me to the RV. We arrived home about 5:00 and took a nap. Angela woke up at 7:30 and woke me at 8:00 to tell me that we would be unloading the truck in the morning. We spent the evening relaxing; it had been a long two days, and the loading and the travel was the third trip. Then we rested.

Angela unloading

Angela unloading

Day Three

We got up and started early because we knew we had to have the truck to Tupelo by noon or pay another day. We unloaded the truck in what seemed like record time (I guess that nap worked). We had enough time to have a leisurely breakfast before heading to Tupelo. She and I arrived to the Tupelo airport and truck rental facility (honest) and turned in the truck.

This was a very eventful weekend. The best part was being with Angela. Even though there were a number of changes in the plans, we worked through them together and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company all weekend. My wife is the best. Now she has a job: get us down to a 10 ft. X 5 ft. unit before we leave Savannah. Stay tuned…

Until later… Later…

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