Harvest Hosts and RV Parky Help Us Plan

April 6, 2016 (by Angela)

Jim explains our need to plan (and the very real possibility of things not going according to plan) in July Travel – Divine Comedy.  (In fact, we’ve already modified our stops from the original plan shown in that post.) The last few days, I’ve been doing my part of the planning; I’ve booked all of our camping stops from the first night after leaving Green Acres through the end of the Escapade in Vermont, Since we are beginning our trek north the weekend (and week of) the 4th of July, I didn’t dare wait much later in the year.

I’ve used MapQuest and Google Earth to help me view our route options, but my real go-to tools for charting out our journey and the stops we’ll make have been Harvest Hosts and RV Parky.

Harvest Hosts provides some really awesome opportunities, and Jim and I are excited to have reservations to spend four one-night stops camping with Hosts who own and run wineries and farms (museums also do this, but we’re not scheduled for any of those this trip). To quote from the web site, Harvest Hosts is “a network of wineries, farms and agri-tourism sites that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight for free!” To join, RV owners pay an annual fee of $44 ($40 for auto renewal).

Once one has joined, he or she has access to all of the tools and contact information related to the hundreds of hosts located in the U. S. and Canada. Once we had identified our one-night stops, I began looking for hosts along our route. I had no trouble. Next, I phoned, or emailed in one case, the contact person for the hosts’ sites. Everyone with whom I spoke was kind, friendly, and accommodating. We will be spending one free night at each of the following hosts’ locations: Sumner Crest Winery, Valley Vineyards, Freedom Run Winery, and Carman Brook Maple and Dairy Farm. You have no idea how exciting this is to me.

In between our free nights, we needed somewhere to park close enough to a major airport but comfortable enough for Chewie and me to hang out and play should Jim have to return to Mississippi to work as we expect. RV Parky can be used at the web site or through its phone app. Jim and I almost always consult RV Parky when looking for campgrounds when needing a place to stay for months while he is working or when looking for a campground for a week or less when roaming for fun. For this huge planning session, I used the web site and the trip planner tool. As a result, we found several potential spots to meet our needs. We’ve made reservations at the following campgrounds: Meadow Lake Park in OH, Presque Isle Passage, PA, and Merry Knoll Campground, NY.

Of course, our journey culminates in arriving for the week of the 56th Annual Escapade, so our last week’s reservation is in Essex Junction. It’s going to be especially cool because we will be able to camp with other Xscapers, an affiliate group of Escapees for those of us who are still working while on the road. Jim and I look forward to meeting people that we only know through their vlogs or blogs.

This 1,300 hundred (or so) journey one-way will be our biggest adventure yet as we are Home on the Roam.

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