July Travel – Divine Comedy

Travel Plans for July (by Jimmy) – March 18, 2016

I have always said, “If you really want to hear God laugh, tell him what you plan to do.” So this post is a Divine Comedy (pun intended). Yesterday, Angela posted that we plan a trip to Vermont in July (you can read that post here). She also mentioned that I may still be on contract when we leave to travel up there, so how can we travel nearly 1,500 miles when I have to be on client site (in Mississippi) Monday through Thursday of each week? Impossible? No! Challenging? Yes!

We need to be in Essex Junction, VT on July 23rd because the Escapade starts July 24th. My last day on this contract is July 4th, But there are many good reasons that the hospital will want to extend me at least to the end of the month. Explaining them won’t add to this, but do realize my being on contract when moving to VT is real. Here is the calendar for July of this year.

July 2016-1

We need to consider the days that I will be at work as non-move days. Those days would be July 5-8 (July 4 is a holiday), July 11-14, and July 18-21) With those removed here’s what the calendar looks like for available days.

July 2016-2

Okay, so it looks like I have July 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, and 23 (or 11 days) to move from here to Vermont. Not exactly. Just because I’m moving the job site doesn’t move; it’s still in Mississippi. To be on client site, I need to get back to Corinth. That means that the day before I start work I have to take a plane back to Mississippi. I will fly like all the other consultants on site do. I will rent a car to get from Nashville or Memphis to the client site, just like every other consultant does. I will stay the week in a hotel just like every other consultant on site does. In short, I will fly from wherever we are along the route to get back to the client when I’m needed for work. In order to do that, the days before I am at work are no-drive days because they will be travel days to get me to the client site for work. This means I have to take out July 4, 10, and 17. So here’s the calendar that shows only on the road days.

July 2016-3

This means that we will have July 1, 2, 3, 9, 15, 16, 22, and 23 (8 days) to move the 1,500 miles to Vermont. This is actually pretty good because when we are on the move, Angela and I usually plan for 250 miles per day. So 1,500 divided by 250 is 6 days to get from here to there, leaving a couple of days for issues that may come up. However, it’s not a good thing because if you look at the calendar the sixth day is July 16 which means if nothing goes wrong we will arrive in Essex Junction a full week ahead of time. This is shaping up to be quite an adventure.

Here is the map of the trip (you can also follow our travels by clicking the “Map” tab on the main page of this blog). First, understand we are currently at #9 on the map at the lower left hand side. #10 (July 1 travel) ends near Elizabethtown, KY (274 miles), #11 (July 2 travel) ends near Galena, OH (271 Miles), and #12 (July 3 travel) is near Erie, PA (215 miles). I will then fly back (July 4) out of either Buffalo or Cleveland. Angela will stay with the RV and enjoy the shore of Lake Erie for a week. I will then fly back and return to the RV the night of July 8.

July 2016-Map

July 9 we will move from #12 Erie, PA to #13 (111 miles) Buffalo, NY. Because of the July 4 holiday I have to work a Tues-Fri (July 5-8), so we only get a one day move that weekend. This is good though because Angela gets to spend the week in Buffalo, and she has always wanted to take me to Niagra Falls. We should be able to go before I have to catch a plane in Buffalo to go back to work (July 10).

The next two weekends are up in the air. If we are enjoying Buffalo we could stay there for the weekend and head to Vermont right before the Escapade event. We could go to Vermont or New Hampshire or Maine or wherever we want because we only need two days (one weekend) to arrive at the event, and Angela could spend the week in that area.  At that point it’s really up to Angela as to where we go and where we stay.

After we arrive at Essex Junction, we will stay in that area until my contract is complete. If I find out where my next contract will b,e we could head that direction (with me flying out on Sunday and Angela staying the week where ever we stop).

So that’s the plan. I’ll keep you up on how it’s going. It has flexibility and room to change and alter. Can you hear God snickering… Yeah, me too…

Until later… Later…

2 thoughts on “July Travel – Divine Comedy

  1. We can relate! Our roadtrip is in year two, and we have planned every stop from March to October. We have to know exactly where we’ll be to fly to work meetings, a graduation in May, and a reunion in July. We have to be major planners to live the RV life!

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