Trials and Tribulations in the RV

March 13, 2016 (by Jimmy)

I apologize for the extended delay in posting here.  It has mainly been work, added to Angela being away, etc.  Forget the excuses; it was me; let me bring you up to date.

Back in November, Angela woke me up to tell me we had a leak.  She found this leak rather easily (a couple of drops hit her computer) because the leak was in the sky light above her chair.  It had been raining heavily and frequently, and more of the same was in the forecast. She was going to Virginia for a couple of weeks, and I would be at work during the day, but neither one of us felt this was an option for filling Chewie’s water bowl.  So we made arrangements for the Grand Poo Bah of RV repair, Mr. Shelby (honest he’s the best), to come by, check it out, and make repairs. (You can read about that here.) We still don’t know exactly what Mr. Shelby had to do, but that’s fine.  We call, tell him what the problem is, leave a key with the front office, and when I get home from work, there’s no more problem – how wonderful.


The source of the leak


The bowl in front of Angela’s chair.

Angela came home, and we had Christmas with the family.  For New Year’s, we and the dog took off in the car for Hampton, Virginia. We planned to be there for a week and come home.  That did not quite go as planned, and the dog and I came home without the wife; she ended up staying to help Amanda, and you can read about that adventure here.

Little did I know that my trials and tribulations in our 5th Wheel were only just beginning.

Soon after I got back, I came home from work to a frigid RV.  I turned on the heat; it would come on for a few minutes, and then it would click off.  I made it through the night with a small space heater, an electric blanket, and two pair of pajamas.  Chewy had on his fur coat.  The next day I called Mr. Shelby. He came out and checked; the heat was back on, but he said there was a small leak in the propane stove that he sealed until he could get a part for it.  He got the part and fixed the stove that first weekend.


Regulator, replaced now all is great – Not….

The next week I woke up and had no water.  This confused me because I have a heated hose.  I looked, and the cold weather had busted the filter.  So I removed the hose and put it in the shower in the RV to let it thaw.  I removed the filter; I will replace that in the spring.  I got home (the temp was above freezing), and I replaced the hose.  Another fix – all is good now…? Uh, no…

Frozen filter

Frozen filter

The weekend was great, and I didn’t have any issues until the temperature dropped below freezing on Sunday night.  The heat went out again along with the water.  The water was my fault. Yep, I put everything back together after it had thawed out with one exception; I forgot to plug the hose into an electrical outlet.  By then I had two space heaters and was able to keep the RV relatively warm, making it through the night was not as much of an ordeal.  So Monday comes, and I call Mr. Shelby and receive the following message: “Shelby RV repair will be closed this week due to training. We will be back in the office next week.”  Most people would freak out, but I’m a consultant. We are used to getting bad news and having to create alternative plans.  My alternative plan . . . Survive until next Monday.

The water even when thawed would still not work.  Once the weather got back above freezing, I found out that there was a valve that was stuck.  Once I removed that, I had water again.  Mr. Shelby came by on Monday and fixed the heat, or so I thought.

When Angela returned home six weeks after I did, she did come home to water in the RV, but the heat was on the outs again. The camper was about 45 degrees when we walked in about 9 p.m. the night I picked her up from the Memphis airport.

The next day, my pit bull of a wife was on it, having the advantage of being able to be home to trouble shoot and deal with the repair folks. She diagnosed it as an electrical issue, not a propane issue. Armed with this belief, she got Mr. Shelby and his sidekick John out that morning. It was only minutes before the trouble was found: our converter was going out. While Mr. Shelby went back to his store to get the correct size of converter, John replaced the water valve.  By lunch time, the heater had the camper warm and toasty, and all things electrical were working like new.

Angela has been gone twice this winter – once for two weeks and again for six weeks, seven if you count the week I was there with her. Each time at the beginning of her absence, things in the RV went askew, but upon her return, things were once again righted.  What does that say?  I think she breaks stuff when she leaves to give me something to deal with… But that’s just my theory…

Until later (but not much later), later…


(NOTE: This post was started before Angela’s 3rd trip to Virginia, but pictures, etc. were added to finish it today.)




2 thoughts on “Trials and Tribulations in the RV

  1. Regardless of all the trials and tribulations of RV living, what a creative, resourceful and witty concept, “a home on the roam”! One would expect nothing less from the most unique and innovative employee at BP!! All the best to you, Angela and Chewie!!!

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