A Fun Gift for the Whole Year

March 13, 2016 (by Angela)

Well, I got the call to return to Virginia, so in 24 hours, actually less, I headed out. I just returned again yesterday. This is NOT about the return trip to Virginia.

Instead of detailing that adventure, now that I have time to sleep, think, and shower, I’m sharing something Jim and I have been doing for several years that our family members seem to love:  We make calendars using pictures from our past 12 months of travel that are personalized with birthdays and anniversaries. This may be something you do also, but if not, it may be a gift idea for the future.

Jim and I love to travel, and we’ve traveled somehow, somewhere, someway as often as possible. As our family began to grow and spread out, I came up with the idea of making a calendar that had birth dates and anniversaries on it to help everyone’s collective memories. Although we use our smart phones  – or one of the two inexpensive digital cameras we own – to make all of our photos, I seem to always find enough pictures from our travels for each month of the calendar and the cover.

Last year was our first year full time in the 5th Wheel, so I chose a photo for each month that matched where we had gone during that same month a year before. Since I usually do the design in late October or early November, I had to use pictures from November and December of 2014, but that was fine as we were full time in the camper then.

For some months the photos show places to which we traveled during the year that did not involve traveling with the RV. If we’d not included these travel opportunities, the latter half of the year would have been very repetitive since we have been parked in the same campground while Jim has worked his contract in Corinth, Mississippi.

Here are pictures of the calendar made for this year. (The quality of the calendar photos are really good, but the lighting in the camper to make photos of the photos did not turn out too well.)  Cupcakes represent birthdays; wedding rings indicate anniversaries. Names are under the icon on the appropriate date.


This is our cover; I really wanted to use this shot from St. Thomas (October 2015).


It was my birthday, so we spent the day exploring and eating in the city.


This was a very family-friendly event.


Chewie loves the beach and sea water, but he’s not a fan of rain. Go figure.


This old building, covered in beautiful blooms, was right next to the RV campground, and our camper had this view. I thought it was gorgeous.


Our son and daughter-in-law graduated with a doctorate and master’s degree respectively in Savannah, GA. The next day was lovely, so we explored Tybee Island.


The dark sky due to the impending storm in contrast to green grass, white fences, and sunshine appealed to me; it’s the view from one of the sites in which we’ve parked here.


Jim and I took a long-weekend trip to visit Amanda, Brett, and Sammy while we had time before Brett left for Korea. This was one of our outings.


Jim, Chewie, and I went to Southern Illinois to visit with his side of the family; it was hot but a good day with those who could join us at the park.


Jim and I enjoy eating local, shopping local, and taking part in local activities wherever we find ourselves. For this month, it was the local fair with a tractor pull.


There’s a post on this one here. It was the best day of the trip.

This sunset

This trip was the first camping outing beyond moving to the campground next door to where we purchased the RV. We were nervous, but we really enjoyed our time here.


After Christmas in 2014, we moved to warmth on the Gulf Coast. I was nervous about it, but it was a marvelous three months in Alabama and Mississippi – so glad we did.

Give it a try. We’ve tried several sites, but I prefer using Vistaprint (no, I don’t get anything for saying that – it’s just true). It is really fun to make these calendars each year, but it’s always hard to choose just 13 pictures (12 months and the cover).

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