Happy New Year

Happy New Year – Jan 3, 2016 (by Jimmy)

I collect New Year’s Eve Drops.  Two years ago Angela and I saw the Pelican Drop in Pensacola, FL.  Last year we went to Mobile, AL and saw the Moon Pie Drop.  This year we planned to go to Bartlesville, OK to see the Olive drop, but we changed our minds when our daughter Amanda had a high blood pressure reading when she went to her OB doctor (Amanda was 30-31 weeks into the pregnancy).  So we planned to go see Amanda and spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s there and see the Crab Pot Drop New Year’s Eve in Hampton, VA.

After Christmas, we had the weekend together and left out on Monday morning.  On our way over we received a text from Amanda that she was going to the hospital as she nearly passed out at another Doctor’s appointment and had extremely high BP.  At the time we received the text we were about 5 hours from where Amanda lives.  So Amanda had made a temporary arrangement for a friend to watch Sammy (Grand #7) until we got there.

Once there, we stopped to see Amanda at the hospital, then I stayed with her while Angela went to pick up Sammy and take him home.  We kept in contact while Amanda went through test after test after test.  Finally, about 2:00 AM, they transferred her to a room after finding blood clots in her lungs.  From then on the doctors and nurses worked on Amanda and monitored her progress.  Angela and I took care of Sammy and made sure he got to see and visit with his momma twice a day.  Her final diagnosis is Pulmonary Embolism.  I’m not sure what that is, but we were lucky to have found it because it could have killed her.

We knew that Amanda would be there for a few days, and I had planned to forgo the New Year’s Eve festivities, but Angela said that once Sammy was asleep on New Year’s Eve that I should go and see the drop.  Here are some of the pictures I took.


Early on Downtown Hampton


Food pavilions and street decorations


I ate at a restaurant called The Conch and Bucket


I took a walk and saw the Virginia Air and Space Center


The Marina about a block away from the drop festivities


Not real, it is painted on the side of the building


People dancing in the street to a DJ


This guy was from Kansas, I think he had to wear those pants because he lost a bet


Putting out the drop arm


Sliding the Crab Pot to position












Happy New Year – 2016

It looks more like a Crab Cage, but the crab was cute.

We had decided that Angela would remain in VA until Amanda’s baby is born, so on New Year’s Day I loaded up the dog and headed home to go to work on Monday.  Angela stayed there to take care of Sammy and Amanda (who came home today).  The baby is now at 33 weeks, and the medical staff does not want to perform a C-Section until at least 37 weeks.  If Amanda’s health deteriorates or the baby starts to show signs of distress, they hold delivering the baby early as an option, but if Angela can keep her resting, she has a much better chance of making term.

So I go to work, Angela takes care of our daughter, and Amanda rests.  We all have our job to do.  I did have a good time watching the Crab Pot Drop, but it would have been much better if Amanda could have been home and Angela could have been with me.  So you see, you never can tell what will happen in life.  If you are looking to get into an RV, if you want to travel, if you want to visit family more often, please make a New Year’s Resolution to do it in 2016 and keep it.  You’ll not regret your decision.

Until later… Later…

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