From Cruising at 5 mph to Whipping Around at 70 mph Plus!

October 14, 2015 (by Angela)

Whew! What a difference between two weeks. Last week, the biggest rush Jim and I experienced was getting to the various Trivia contests before each began or getting off of the ship to our planned excursion on time; neither were necking-breaking events. We cruised (not the ship, us) at about 5 mph. Since we’ve returned, we’ve hardly stopped, and our speed quickly increased to 70 mph, if not faster, for both of us. Because of the many pressing “life happens” events, we’ve procrastinated on writing all of the posts we’ve had marinating in our minds. With a little luck, this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have some time to work on those.

What’s kept us so busy?

First, we had to recuperate from the travel. Jim and I enjoyed our trip, but we were extremely happy to return to our home on the roam, currently located at Green Acres RV Resort Park. Upon our return, we found an invitation to a Sunday luncheon, followed by music, compliments of the owners and staff of this wonderful park. The campground is festively decorated for Fall (it is always cheerfully dressed for the appropriate season). This kindness, much appreciated at any time, was particularly well-timed for us. Thanks Diane, Larry, Bill, Ranae, and Danielle!

(Folks, you need to come stay at this great park located between Savannah, TN – near Shiloh Battlefield – and Pickwick Lake!)

Festive Fall Decorations at Green Acres (Note: I "borrowed" all photos in this post from GA's Facebook page)

Festive Fall Decorations at Green Acres (Note: I “borrowed” all photos in this post from GA’s Facebook page)

Ranae (Larry's daughter/Bill's wife), Diane (Larry's wife/co-owner), & Larry (Diane's hubby/co-owner)

Ranae (Larry’s daughter/Bill’s wife), Diane (Larry’s wife/co-owner), & Larry (Diane’s hubby/co-owner)

Danielle & Bill (park manager/Ranea's hubby)

Danielle & Bill (park manager/Ranea’s hubby)

The lunch and music was a nice way to spend our first afternoon back. This event, along with watching/listening to the NASCAR race and various football games, is how we relaxed after the busy day of traveling home from Miami. It helped us slowly begin to rev our engines for Monday.

However, it was the variety of things that were either put off until this week or things that came up as a result of not being home that kept, and continues to keep, us busy this week. Of course, Jim went back to work, and you know how things pile up when one is away; that was the cause of his need to increase his speed. Below is a partial list of things I’ve had to address this week, in addition to the usual cooking, dishes, etc., that forced me to put my “pedal to the metal,” metaphorically speaking.

  • Chewie’s “spa” day – after a wonderful week of Dogvacay with Ms. Stephanie and playing outside with Possum (her dog) and his other doggy friends, the boy needed a bath
  • Laundry – over a week’s worth to be done
  • Bills to pay, calls and emails to return, appointments to make, etc.
  • Grocery shopping – we left the frig pretty empty
  • Helping family who lives about 2 hours away from us – trips to doctors, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. (an all day event!)
  • Getting the truck in to have the air bags replaced since it was one of the millions recalled for problems with the bags
  • Another trek to see my eye doctor – later, you’ll have to read the post about why my husband came home with a pirate – I’ll link it here once written
  • Picking up orders from a couple of stores that were placed before we went on our trip

Keep watching; we’ve got several posts Jim and I are looking forward to sharing very soon!


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