New Air Conditioner

August 30, 2015 (by Jimmy) – It has been in the upper 90s for the longest time this summer.  However, last week that broke, and we had some low 80s days.  This is a good thing because last Sunday our air conditioner froze up.  This happened mid-afternoon Sunday, so we turned off the air conditioner in the living room and turned on the air conditioner in the bedroom to keep the RV bearable until we could get Mr. Shelby (Shelby Mobile RV Repair, Savannah, TN) to come out and take a look.

Angela called Mr. Shelby Monday, and he came the next day. Since it was going to be in the 80s, and not upper 90s, we had the opportunity to have him come out at his convenience.  He came out on Tuesday, and he thought it was a sensor, but he said he’d need to order the part if he did not have one. He told Angela that if it freezes up to turn it on fan until thawed until he could replace the sensor. We had it off more than on the rest of the week due to lower temps. On Thursday, the sensor was installed in the heat of the afternoon, and the unit almost immediately froze up again, so Mr. Shelby came back on Friday with John (his specialist). They opened up the air conditioner and found that it was leaking freon, and in short, “done for”.

Mr. Shelby didn’t have the same unit in stock, but the RV shop in Selmer (about 30 minutes west of Savannah) did, so Angela and I hopped in the truck and headed over there.  We had lunch on the way back but were home around two hours later.  Mr. Shelby showed up shortly after with his team to take out the old air conditioner and put in the new.


Mr. Shelby (red shirt) and assistant getting new AC to the ladder.


New AC going up the ladder


John has New AC on the roof

Within an hour the air was back on and the place was cooling. Buying the new unit and having it installed was less than $1,000.  Not too bad if you ask me.


Temporary air conditioning, rain monitor, and escape hatch, all in one.

There are two things I want you to take away from this post.  First, if you know someone who has a shop that you like, talk them into getting a maintenance truck.  If we didn’t have Mr. Shelby’s mobile service, we would have had to schedule an appointment, stow everything, and move the RV to have the problem assessed.  Then, if they found out what it was and had the part, we may have gotten it fixed.  If not, we would have had to rescheduled and moved again.  Kudos to Mr. Shelby’s mobile service bringing the expertise to the customer; way to go Mr. S…


Old AC coming off the roof


Sometimes the reason you hire someone is apparent



The old A/C after being removed

The other things is this: when we first bought this RV, I wondered why they would have two air conditioners in it.  After this week, I certainly know that situations can arise and having a back-up anything is better than worrying if something goes out, so I no longer wonder about redundant systems, I’m just going to be glad they are there if we ever need them.

Until later… Later

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