Back on the Road for a Week Makes Me Think


King’s Daughters Medical Center, Brookhaven, MS

August 1, 2015 (by Jimmy) – Last week (July 27 – 31), I worked a separate contract for a hospital in Brookhaven (South Central), Mississippi. The good folks at King’s Daughters Medical Center needed me to come down and look at their Materials Management System. It’s hard to get to know people on a one-week contract, but everyone there was helpful and friendly. They made the job of gathering information exceptionally easy. It was a relatively straight-forward assessment.


Hospital Entrance Sign

The thing is that  this assessment opened my eyes to the changes that have occurred since Angela has accompanied me to client sites. I had forgotten how different it is to live out of a hotel by yourself instead of coming home each evening. Coming home to Angela is wonderful even though our house has wheels. As long as I travel for work, I hope to do it having Angela with me.


Founders Sign in Downtown Brookhaven

So what used to be normal now is foreign. What used to be standard weekly operations (getting on an airplane, renting a car, driving to a client site, renting a hotel room) are now vague ghosts in my memory. So this week was a taste of what used to be.   It’s nice to remember every now and again what used to be, but this made me think. Had I not broken away and started working for myself, I may have been spending a lot more time away from Angela. In the ten years we have been together I was on the road and way from home half of that time – the equivalent of five years – coming home only on the weekends. I never thought about it before, but I want my five years back. The good part is we are together now my priorities are currently in order.


Downtown Brookhaven

So if you are looking to make a change, move into an RV, travel with your loved one instead of working that nine to five, if you are travelling away from your family and are looking for a way to be closer to them, do it today. Don’t lose five years without thinking about it. Look at your situation and make those decisions now. You will be glad you did; I certainly am…

Until later… Later…


Quaint Town


The Inn at Whitworth – This is the B&B where the Consultants stay while here – very cool.


Beautiful Buildings, this is a Church that was Simply Breath-Taking

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