Solar Power

July 9, 2015 (by Angela)

Although Jim and I expect to be hooked up to “shore” power at the campground for the next year while he works his current contract, it dawned on me yesterday that should the “grid” go down, we have no alternate power source once our two 12-volt deep cycle batteries are depleted. Jim and I discussed this last night, and we debated between purchasing a generator or purchasing a portable solar unit.

Our thought process went something like this:

The cost of purchasing a generator would exceed that of the portable solar unit, and getting a generator assumes we will have access to the fuel to run it. The portable solar unit was less than $300 for a well-rated, easy to use 100 W unit, but it assumes that there will be adequate sunlight for the solar unit to charge the batteries. While we expect to eventually get either a solar panel unit and/or a generator that will alone on in conjunction with the other supply all of our energy needs if not hooked up to another power source, we are not ready to make such a major decision and purchase now. As a result, we decided to order the small 100 W solar unit as an emergency back up energy source that can also be used to supplement whatever on-board energy products we may buy in the future.

This is the link to the Solar Unit we’ve ordered.  Do you have any thoughts or advice?

Solar power

Solar power

Those of you who RV or live off the grid in some other way, what type of energy-creating options do you utilize and recommend?

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