New Things Out the Back Window (One Offers Revenge of Sorts)

May 31, 2015 (by Angela)

This week, we’ve added a couple of new things that may be seen out our back window. Both have the potential of giving me happiness.

As you may already know if you’ve been reading, we’ve enjoyed the birds and even the antics of the Squirrel Gang here at Green Acres  – up to a point. The squirrels’ vandalistic tendencies, as discussed in Update on Critter issues (AKA Gangs of Green Acres) and GAVS Strike Again!, have been disturbing, but we enjoy watching the song birds at the feeder outside our back window so much that I went shopping for a new feeder – one that is squirrel proof, or at least squirrel resistant. I had to consider the resistance to the squirrel gang as well as the size, shape, and weight for travel purposes, and this is what I decided to purchase.

The Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

The Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Yesterday morning, I filled the feeder and hung it on the pole knowing it would take a few days for the birds to find their way back after over a week of no feed. The GAVS (Green Acres Vandalism Squirrels) found the loaded feeder more quickly than I expected.  Within hours, the first squirrel vandal attempted to “break in” the feeder, and Jim and I were lucky enough to be watching. With bated breath, we watched the squirrel shimmy up the pole (which has not been oiled for over a week due to lack of feeder and an abundance of rain) and slowly gain his balance at the top of the pole before slowly investigating the feeder. Going onto the top of the feeder, he worked his way down head first. Then, the point of truth was upon us. The squirrel attempted to get food from one of the small openings. The moment hung. If he was successful, our efforts had been in vain. Then it happened – so quickly that we could not even snap a photo – the squirrel, unable to reach the food he desired, fell face first to the ground below. Shaking off the fall, he scurried away and did not return again yesterday as far as Jim and I know. (Oh, how I wish we’d gotten a picture of the squirrel  hanging upside down on the feeder before falling off.)

The squirrel balancing before pouncing on the feeder

The squirrel balancing before pouncing on the feeder

The squirrel, fallen in defeat

The squirrel, fallen in defeat

Because the photos had to be taken through the lower portion of the window where the screens are located, the clarity is not great. (If we had moved the shades up higher to get better photos, the squirrel may have scampered away before we knew if the new feeder would deter or not.) Also, in these photos, you can see the other addition out our back window.  I’d admired the bumper clothesline on an RV parked near us at Buccaneer State Park, and I asked them about it.  They told me where I could find it, and I got lucky; I was able to purchase it on sale for about 70% of its usual listed price. Wednesday, while I was visiting my mother, my sweet hubby put it up for me.  Unfortunately, it has rained more than not since he put it up, but maybe I’ll get a chance to use it this afternoon.

Bumper clothesline and new feeder seen through the screen of the back window

Bumper clothesline and new feeder seen through the screen of the back window

I’m sure you’ll get updates on how well both the new bird feeder and the bumper clothesline work if you keep reading. Thanks for keeping up with our adventure.

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