Chickasaw State Park RV Campsite, Henderson, TN


Entrance Sign

Chickasaw State Park

20 Cabin Lane

Henderson, TN 38340

Phone: 731-989-5141


Rates:  $20.00 per night.  If you have horses, they have a separate “wrangler” campground, but it’s the same $20.00 per night.

Lots:  Getting to the lot can be tight.  The road is narrow, and there are trees all around, and you go up and down hills.  The lots themselves are not tight; you have room once there. It’s just getting to where you are going to be in the campground that can be a bit difficult.


Lot Map

Amenities: 1. Water – Yes  2.  Electrical – Up to 50 AMP  3.  Sewer – No (Dumpsite on property)  4. TV – No (Normally, State Parks don’t have TV or WiFi)  5.  WiFi – No

Positives:  This is a great state park with lots of activities in which to get involved.  There’s a lake for swimming, fishing, or boating.  There are ample trails for hiking or bike riding. There is a separate area for horse riding and ATVs.

Negatives:  If you take it easy you should have no problem getting into the campground, but it is tight.  This is a vacation place only; you wouldn’t want to set-up for more than a couple of weeks, so for my lifestyle, where I want to stay somewhere for at least a month, this would not work.


Front Office


Beautiful campground but thin roads


Just be careful negotiating around the trees


It can be an exceptionally beautiful place to camp once you get set-up


Beautiful Lake




Playground for the kids


Bathroom and shower facilities


Hiking trails all over the place


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