Went to the Doctor Healthy and Came Home Sick

April 25, 2015 (By Angela)

Dang! I went to Nashville this week, healthy, to see doctors for the annual check-ups, and less than 48 hours after getting home again, I’m sick with a cold – the first I’ve had in over a year. I’m pretty sure I picked this little beauty up at my primary care doctor’s office, in which I hung out for about two hours before being seen. (Full disclosure, I was about 40 minutes early, so I was seen only about an hour and 20 minutes after my appointment time).

Okay, so living the nomadic lifestyle makes healthcare tricky. With all of the changes Jim and I have experienced in the last nine months (work changes, living location/lifestyle changes, and health insurance changes), I was a bit behind on getting all of my “annuals” in. Last month, I made appointments for everything but the dentist for this week. My brother was gracious enough to let me stay at his place since my appointments were spread out over a few days. In between appointments, I planned time to visit family, take my mother to town, visit with friends, and have my car serviced.

Last Tuesday, I left early for Nashville, leaving Jim and Chewie to fend for themselves for a few days. Luckily, it was a beautiful morning and travel was relatively easy. First stop was my “well-woman” visit at my gynecologist’s office; this is always my most dreaded annual appointment, but Tuesday’s visit was better (and faster) than usual. I was pretty “up” as it seemed like a good start to “Doctor” week. After leaving Dr. Dittus’ office, I grabbed a good lunch and dropped off a couple of scripts to be filled. The next stop was to have the car serviced at our much-trusted Ford Dealership, Two Rivers Ford in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. That done, the next planned stop was the friendly Goodyear dealership in Hermitage, Tennessee, where I got our free tire rotation and brake safety check.

With time remaining, I treated myself to a mani-pedi at the nail salon I frequented when we lived in Hermitage. The nail salon just happens to be near a Kroger store, so before going to my brother’s place and settling in, I popped in to get some food and other things to have there for the next few days. That night I enjoyed my first soak in a tub in months, and I had planned for this by picking up some scented Epsom salts while at Kroger. I was so relaxed. (I repeated this the next night, too.)

Wednesday, I drove to my mother’s house about 70 miles away. She and I then headed to Columbia, Tennessee, to get groceries for her, pick up something needed to do a simple repair in her bathroom, and to have lunch with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Jim and I had collected items from the Mardi Gras parades while in the Mobile, and we divided the spoils between our 7 grandchildren. I took the items for Presley and her brother Liam and delivered them at this meet.

Daughter-in-law, Casey

Daughter-in-law, Casey

Granddaughter (diva), Presley (age 4)

Granddaughter, Presley (4)

After a couple of hours down time upon returning to my brother’s, I then drove to the west side of Nashville to meet some of my friends from Clarksville who were coming to Nashville to have dinner and visit. We had a blast at Coco’s Italian Market. After a little over two hours of talking, eating, and laughing, it was time for all of us to head out.

Friends and Food

Friends and Food

Thursday had me running all over the Nashville area. I went to the bank with a hard copy check to deposit, had to pick up filled prescriptions, had my annual with the plastic surgeon who did my reconstruction after the bi-lateral mastectomy I had after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2009, picked up mail from our mail forwarding service, and then finally made it to my primary care doctor’s office where I am 95% sure I picked up the cold I now have. I hung out with sick people too long while all I needed was my annual check-up and lab work, so I could get my prescriptions renewed. I’d skipped lunch so that I had not eaten in 8 hours so fasting labs could be done. As soon as I left the office, it was pretty much dinner (supper for us country folks) time, so I stopped to get something to eat before fighting the nasty rush-hour traffic through Nashville. I finally got home about 8:30 that night, and I was beat.

Friday, I had an early appointment at an optometrist here. Friday afternoon, Jim went with me do laundry, but I just felt exhausted all day. I blamed it on a busy week, but during the night last night, I felt myself getting sick. After getting up this morning, symptoms increased, and by lunch time I knew I had a full cold, not just an increase in spring allergy symptoms. My sweet hubby went to town to get meds, juice, chocolate (chocolate makes everything better), and he has done a good job of taking care of me today.

I find it so frustrating that I’ve not had a cold in so long (the last one Jim brought back to me from a client site in New York last spring – I’d not had one before then since I quit teaching full time back 2012, so this is only the second cold in three years), and I got sick because I had to go see doctors even though I was not “sick.”

Other than coming home with a cold, it was a pretty good week as I got a lot done; I had nice weather in which to do it, and I enjoyed seeing friends and family.

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