Funny Served for Breakfast and Some Interesting Signs

April 17, 2015 (by Jimmy) – My wife had an eye doctor’s appointment this morning.  She was not sure if she would have her eyes dilated or not, so she took me just in case she needed someone to hold her purse.  So we got up early, got dressed and went to Molly Monday’s (an excellent local eatery).  When we got there, we sat near this table.


Table full of old guys…

After a while, I was biting my tongue to keep from laughing, and Angela was giving me one of those “I have no idea what is going on in that head, but it will be a topic of conversation when we leave here” looks.  Well, we finished a very nice breakfast and got out to the car.  First words out of Angela’s mouth were, “Okay, what was so funny?. I asked if she had listened to those old guys talking.  Well, she said she hadn’t paid much attention to them, so no she hadn’t heard anything.  Now rule #38 of dining out is if there is a table full of old guys (especially southern old guys), you must pay attention to what they say because this is how world problems are solved (okay, and created).  Anyway, they said three things that I could remember; there were many more, but I didn’t have a pen, and my brain can only hold so much when rolling around laughing.  These are the three things said that I found humorous:

1.  That show “Dancing with the Stars” ain’t nothing but a nudie show.  (They then went into an in-depth discussion on how the old guys down at the nursing home acted when they watched the show… I will spare you).

2.  I knew this one guy who was so rich he owned one of them there “Playboy Bunny Airplanes” (I know he meant Lear Jets, but I like the symbolism much better),

3.  I was down at the church a little while back when we had one of them evangelists there.  The man talking said his discussion then came around to why do India Indians get fast tracked for citizenship quicker than everyone else.  He said, If they own a business they can get fast tracked.  Those folks own all the convenience stores, selling cigarettes and alcohol, all that stuff that’s against their religion, it just ain’t right.  He said to me, maybe their religion is making money and getting fast tracked.  (Now, I have had discussions with clergy, but I don’t know if the topic of citizenship ever came up.  I wanted to know how the discussion “came around,” but I was a spectator not a participant,and if the others seemed to think that this topic could have ensued, then who am I to question it).

Mississippi Math – A few weeks ago Angela and I were in an RV Park near Meridian, MS and had breakfast at a local restaurant called Jean’s; read about it here. Well, we had a waitress that had been there for 35 years.  After that amount of time, you would think she would have the prices down. Take a look at this.


Jean’s Menu


Our Bill at Jean’s

If you look at the menu under Breakfast Plates, the first thing is one egg and ham = $5.50.  The lady charged us $5.00.  A couple of entries down is the two pancakes and ham = $5.50.  The lady, seeing her mistake, charged $6.00.  That’s Mississippi Math, just so the total comes out to $11.00 like it should.  Who cares what the numbers are?  My job at the hospital may be more difficult than I think.

Okay, I appreciate that you hung with me through all that, and if you got a smile out of it, then great.  I know sometimes my humor is only funny to me.  So now I am going to show you some signs I found around here.  This first one I told Angela is going to be our new Motto (The John Wayne True Grit poster adds to it).


If you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride


This was in the Eye Doctors Lobby

All my math geeks will like this next one…


Pi on the Side

And finally if you need to know where to go down to… Here you go…


Electric Avenue

For those of you that didn’t get it – it’s a plug…

Until later… Later…

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