Sad News Day

April 11, 2015 (by Angela)

Yesterday was a sad news day. First, our family found out that the baby expected by our oldest daughter and her husband was lost to an unexplicable miscarriage just a day after an ultrasound showed all appeared well, and the baby had a strong 157 BPM heart rate.  As expected, those in our family our sad, and our daughter and her family grieves the loss. The doctor told Amanda and Brett that at the point at which she was in the pregnancy, there is usually only a 5% chance of miscarriage, and it could not be explained with any certainty, though he did offer a couple of likely reasons, both indicative of a chromosome abnormality that may have occurred in development. I wish we had been close enough to do something more than talk on the phone, text, and send flowers; we are in southwestern Tennessee, and they are on the coast of southern Virginia.

Flowers we sent to let them know we were thinking of them and the loss of "nugget," as she called the baby

Flowers we sent to let them know we were thinking of them and the loss of “nugget,” as she called the baby

Not long after that, I went out to prep the car for a short road trip and was surprised to see an ambulance and a medical helicopter at the entrance to our RV park. As Jim and I were doing around the RV getting breakfast, etc., I’d heard the sound of a diesel truck and remember thinking, “Someone’s pulling out.” A short time later, I heard a helicopter, and I remember thinking, “Hmm, that seems awfully low.” I did not realized it had actually landed near us; I was too involved in the realization of the news just received about the baby our daughter was expecting.

Scene at entrance to RV Park

Scene at entrance to RV Park

I walked over to the few people near the office to ask if anyone new what was going on as there did not appear to have been a wreck. At this point the grey truck had been separated from the camper, and the camper had its supports down in the parking area of the property next door. The gentleman with whom I spoke said that the man and his wife, who had been in the site next to his, were preparing to pull out onto the highway with their RV in tow when the man began to have a heart attack. The wife called 9-1-1.

Helicopter on site

Helicopter on site

I never heard ambulance sirens, or if I did, I dismissed it as it is a common enough sound near towns and busy highways. While I did hear the helicopter, I don’t know how long after the ambulance it may have arrived. Jim and I did watch as the helicopter flew away, and I assume that the wife drove the truck to follow them to whatever hospital he was taken. That is a drive I’d not care to make alone under such circumstances. The camper is still parked where it was left yesterday morning, and I have no idea how the man is doing. My hopes, thoughts, and prayers are that both of them made it where they needed to go and there has been the best outcome for the gentleman who experience the heart attack.

Helicopter as it heads to hospital with patient

Helicopter as it heads to hospital with patient

Folks, life is short. Love your family with all you heart, and don’t put off what you truly want to do until there is a better time or until you retire or until some other thing happens because you will never know if you’ll have the chance later like you think you will.

4 thoughts on “Sad News Day

    • Yes, it is. Thank you for your words of support and for sharing. I also know how rough it can be as I lost one at 12 weeks. It is hard for all who hopefully anticipate the new family member and those hopes are dashed. I am glad that your wife’s doctors found out the cause, and I hope that things were good after that for you and your wife.

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