Beginning to Make It “Ours”

April 10, 2015 (by Angela)

Although we’ve owned the 5th Wheel just a little over six months and have been living in it full time for almost five months, up until now we have basically lived in the RV furnished and decorated as it was when we purchased it. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone excited about the factory choices for window treatments, and window treatments is what we are replacing now. If you have seen the pictures Jim posted here, then you also know that the bedspread that came with the camper bed matched the curtains.  Jim and I like color (especially Jim), and when we owned our home, it was filled with color. Now, it is time to make the RV truly ours by making it fit our decorating preferences and our personalities more so than it has until now.

In anticipation of making these changes, I’d ordered some new bedding and curtains, and these were picked up on my trip to Nashville, Tennessee, Wednesday. Yesterday, I got busy transforming our bedroom while Jim was at work.  Here are the pictures from before and after.

Bed before

Bed before

Bed now

Bed now

End of Bed and Windows over the dresser (the same old curtains were there before)

End of bed and the windows over the dresser (the same old brown curtains were there before)

Hopefully, in the next few weeks, we will get the rest of the RV updated.  The living area is going to be more time consuming because it requires removing valances attached to the ceiling, cabinets, etc. After that, the shades, which are currently attached to the inside top of the valances, have to be attached to the walls. Then holes will need to be patched and curtain rods put up. I’m looking forward to adding more color to our lives!

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