Sort of Settled South of Savannah

April 7, 2015 (by Angela)

“Green Acres RV Resort is truly the place to be with your RV!” This is the theme printed on the employee park shirts at the park where we are staying. For this month, Jim and I are parked in Green Acres RV Resort Park located about 6 or 7 miles south of Savannah, Tennessee, and about half way between Savannah and Pickwick Dam on the Tennessee River. We’re excited about his long-term project in Corinth, Mississippi, but so far the RV parks that meet our needs are all 30 – 50 miles from the client site. We booked this park for our first month because it had such great reviews, and we have not been disappointed; however, I’m not going to expound on the park itself at this time as it will steal Jim’s thunder for when he gets a chance to write his review.

Saturday, we arrived and set up, and Sunday we drove around the general area to find the hospital (the client site), determine Jim’s best route to the client site, and to attempt a general acclimation of the area. This included checking out potential RV parks we might want to use, and the three closest to Corinth are not going to work for us. Monday, Jim had his first day at client site, met the team with whom he will be working for the next 15 months, etc., and I began working on employment applications. Today, Jim continues getting settled into his new job, and the team has their first weekly dinner tonight.  I spent the day taking care of a variety of issues ranging from a trip to Wal-mart to making plans for a trip to Nashville tomorrow to helping Jim attempt to address some computer issues.  Apparently, he was having trouble working with the hospital’s software because his computer is too new. I think that issue was resolved.

Here are a few pictures made from the steps of our RV. Since the sun was going down in the west, and going out our door has us facing west, the light was almost too bright. To the left (front side of 5th Wheel) a bit down the road is the entrance. In front and to the left of our site, is a play area, and in front and to the right, is some storage areas. Obviously, we do not have anyone on our west side; it is all open space.

Entrance "Welcome" Area

Entrance “Welcome” Area

Volleyball Court and Playground areas

Volleyball Court and Playground areas

Owners storage area front and left of our RV

Owners storage area front and left of our RV

Tomorrow, I’ll make a quick run to Nashville to take care of several business matters, but the money saved from having all of our mail forwarded will go a long way toward the gas I’ll spend going up and back.

This weekend, we want to check out a few more parks in the 50-mile radius we’ve identified. While we really like where we are and do plan to spend additional time here beyond this month, we figure we need to move about some or after 15 months, we may forget how to move. 🙂 Of course, if I get a job, that will go a long way in determining which RV campground becomes our home for the longest period since Jim has to commute regardless.

I had to add this sunset photo from the steps of our RV, too.

Sunset view from our door

Sunset view from our door

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