Fort Morgan RV Park, Fort Morgan, AL

March 2015


Entrance Sign

Fort Morgan RV Park

10397 Second St.

Hwy. 180 West – Marker #11

Fort Morgan, AL 36542

Phone – 251-540-2416

Web –

Rates: $44 – $59 Daily, $565 monthly winter, $650 monthly summer


Rate Shedule

Lots:  Only 34 lots, very small place.  Lots are all back-in but some do back up to the water.  There is no lot map, this is the best they have.


Additional Information

Positives:  There are a number of lots that back up to the water.  There are a lot of trees and almost all lots are shaded.  Fishing Charters are available.

Negatives:  the property backs up to the bay not the Gulf of Mexico.  With just over 30 lots there are not a great deal of options on selection of bay view, Bay side, etc.  This Park reminds me of a house with some ground that the owner turned into an RV Park.




Fishing Charter




Park backs up to Bay

RV's on the Bay

RV’s on the Bay


Lots seem a bit tight


Some RV’s back up to a house


RV backed up to laundry, small swing set

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