About Time to Mosey

March 28, 2015 (by Angela)

Hinted at a few days ago, it is now time to reveal where we are going next and why. Jim has given me permission to write this one since he is busy trying to get all of his other intended posts up before starting his next project. And where is that next project? Hmmm….read on.

On Wednesday, April 1st, we are leaving Buccaneer State Park and moving north through Mississippi. To break the move into two parts and make it a more leisurely transition, the plan is to spend about three days at Benchmark RV Park just north of Meridian, Mississippi. Hopefully, we’ll get to visit with Jim’s Uncle James and Aunt Linda while there since they live in Hattiesburg. I, for one, am going to be very happy to have access to WiFi and Cable TV after almost a month without WiFi or TV channels.

Benchmark RV Park

Benchmark RV Park, Meridian (Marion), MS

Following our sojourn in this area, we will mosey on up through Mississippi to the first of what will most likely be several parks at which we will stay over the next 15 months: Green Acres RV Resort Park in Savannah, Tennessee. Green Acres: it’s the place to be!

Green Acres RV Resort Park, Savannah, TN

Green Acres RV Resort Park, Savannah, TN

We’ll spend our first month here while we get the “lay of the land” and Jim settles into his new contract working with Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth, Mississippi, which is just a few miles inside of Mississippi, near the Tennessee-Mississippi state line. Because of this proximity, Jim and I actually have choices about choosing locales in both Mississippi and Tennessee and possibly Alabama. Our goal is to find nice parks within about 30 miles of Corinth. Once settled, I will be looking for a job, also, since we will be in the general area for well over a year.

Then, really looking ahead with optimism, Jim and I are hoping (*fingers crossed*) that circumstances will allow us to travel for several months after completion of this project just for the fun of it. Think happy thoughts along those lines for the latter half of 2016.

So, Jim, Angela, and Chewie are soon on the roam again in SyGul!

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