Pleasant Surprises and Fixing Something I Overlooked.

March 28, 2015 (by Jimmy) – Angela and I decided to swap out the winter clothes and clean the basement today.  We spent an hour and a half in the storage area and made some great headway.  As I told her, it was “Gothic”.  To which she corrected me, and asked “did you mean Epic”?  Of course, Angela correcting me only means one thing: I have to call my mother and tell her how I’m being mistreated (it’s really only a reason to call my mother, plus, she always takes Angela’s side).  Anyway, while I’m on the phone with my mother, who should drive up but my Uncle Bubba and Aunt Jeannie.  Here I am on the Gulf Coast talking to my mother in Illinois, and her brother from Flora (near Jackson) Mississippi pulls up for a visit.  What a pleasant surprise.  They are avid golfers and were looking at golfing opportunities along the gulf coast, so they were in the area anyway and stopped for a visit.  Way too cool.

After they left, Angela and I went into town for lunch and a trip to Walmart to get some containers to make it easier to organize the basement.  When we got back we finished the basement organization, and I checked my e-mails.  I got an e-mail from a dear consultant friend, Jan Newman.  Jan and I have been on numerous projects together, and she sent me a note telling me she was performing some go-live support in Meridian, MS.  I didn’t e-mail her back; I picked up the phone.  I told her that we would be in Meridian Wednesday through Friday and should go out for supper and catch up.  I will call her when we get there and set it up.  Talk about pleasant surprises, two in one day, wow… I hear these things come in threes, I may have to check to see if the TV antennae works.

As I was showing Uncle Bubba around the RV, I came to the realization that I haven’t actually shown the inside of the camper.  Here all of you have been following our travels and sharing in our adventures and none of you actually have seen the inside of the RV.  Well, I’m ready to fix that.  Firs,t let me provide you with a full floor schematic so you can see what part of the RV the picture is showing.


Floor Schematic of our RV

From this schematic, the back is to the left the front is to the right.  There are three pull outs (the Entertainment Center, the Couch and Table, and the Bedroom).  With these areas out the RV is 321 sq. ft.  Here are some pictures of the interior.


Entertainment Center


Back of the RV seating area and Back Window (where we take our “Outback Window” pictures)


Sofa and Dining Area


Kitchen (notice lots of storage)


From the Kitchen towards front. Fridge, Door to Bathroom, and Door to Bedroom

Bathroom Toilet and Shower Area

Bathroom Toilet and Shower Area


Bathroom Sink Area


Bedroom, Bed and Closet

Now you have seen the inside of the RV after we have been living in it for five months.  Sorry for the delay but if you’re upset with me, you can always call your mother…

PS.  Uncle Bubba and Aunt Jeannie, this is what it looks like clean…

Until later… Later…

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