Clothes Conundrum and Casino Visits

 March 26, 2015 (by Angela)

Yesterday, in between relishing in Internet access and catching up on blog posts, I worked on switching out our cold-weather clothing for warm-weather clothing. For the past two weeks, while Jim had to work to stay warm in Massachusetts, Chewie and I have been extremely warm along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  We’ve had several days over 80, and I gave in to running the A/C 24/7 more days than not last week. Part of my problem was that all of the shorts, capris, etc. – all of our warm-weather clothes – were stored in what I call the “basement of the basement.”  It is common for RVers to call the area underneath the living area of the camper the “basement.” Ours has two deep compartments underneath the main level of this “basement,” and those areas are what I call the “basement of the basement.” Since things used more frequently, like large containers of tools and cleaning supplies, were stored on top of these less often opened areas, I didn’t dare try to get to the clothes out on my own.  Before Jim headed back this weekend, he got out the two containers in which our lightweight clothing was stored.

While I took out a few things to wear on Monday, it was yesterday that I began in earnest to switch the clothing, so that the cold-weather items can be put in the “basement of the basement” this weekend. A problem that I anticipated is actually more of a problem than expected.  Obviously, bulky, cold-weather items take up more space, but I’m having more of an issue trying to pack and protect these clothes so that all will fit in the allowed storage area under the 5th Wheel.  Hmm……I’ll just keep working on it.  It may take using some space bags to make it work the way it needs to work, or perhaps, it is time to cull out some things that were not used enough this winter to justify keeping them on board.

The good news is that since we were able to fit all of our cold-weather clothing in the bedroom storage areas, it should be a cinch to get all of our warm-weather clothes stowed away.

Last week, I met a lady in the campground whose name is June. She was tent camping, and I took her to be a spry 60 something lady. (June was back this week with her daughter, and those ladies have good genes. Her daughter is older than I am, so June must be in her early to mid 70s!) On Wednesday of last week, she asked if I’d like to go with her to the nearby casino, Silver Slippers, for lunch. June said that she had discovered that Monday through Wednesday, lunch is half price. Since I had planned to go into town to get a salad, I thought spending $6 or so for a buffet, drink and dessert included, would be good. We had to get a free Silver Slippers player’s card to get the discount, but it was a very nice lunch. While getting the card, we were also given a free play for Keno, but we did not bother with that.

Yesterday, I decided a late lunch (lupper) at the casino would suit me, so I went over about 2:30 and enjoyed a nice meal. When I paid, I saw that I still had the Keno card, and it expired today, so I played a free game of Keno.  Since only three of my six numbers popped up on the monitor, I did not win, but it was worth a shot for a free game that could have netted $500.  I’m too frugal to waste much money on gambling, so I left the casino for a second time only having spent the $6.93 (with tax) for lunch plus tip left on the table.

One thought on “Clothes Conundrum and Casino Visits

  1. Space bags helped us keep our ski equipment and clothing onboard in a couple of bins. And if I can’t fit the winter stuff in the suitcase in our “basement” I just keep it in the closet or on the shelves…which I figure is insurance against needing it. You know the adage…if you pack away the raincoat, it’s gonna pour. So keep that winter parka in the closet! 🙂


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