My Current Employment? COO and Administrative Assistant

March 25, 2015 (by Angela)

While Jim is working hard as a consultant to the various hospitals that contract with him for his expertise, it may appear that I am a sloth just going along for the ride. That is not entirely true. Currently, I hold essential positions as Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Co-CFO (Chief Financial Officer), for SyGul Home on the Roam, and I am the Administrative Assistant to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Jimmy G. Johnson Consulting; however, both positions are pro bono, which means officially, I get none of the green for my efforts.

What kind of things do I do as COO/Co-CFO of Sygul Home on the Roam? I’m in charge of housekeeping, hospitality and food services, materials management, maintenance work orders (if I cannot handle the issues), communications, logistics, information technology, tax preparation, web site development and maintenance (done together with Jim) and accounts receivable and accounts payable. I’ve probably failed to list some of the responsibilities under this title, but I’m sure you get the idea.

As the Admin for Jimmy G. Johnson Consulting, I handle as much of the business end as I can for the CEO. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, making lower-level business calls, dealing with paper work, acting as consult for information technology, obtaining quotes for business expenses, researching travel related needs and making reservations as required, though Jim does handle the majority of the travel arrangements himself. On occasion, I have reviewed contracts to make sure the business end is meeting contractual requirements. I also handle accounts receivable and accounts payable for the business. Once again, I may have failed to identify some of my duties, but I stay busy.

Some of the tools of my positions

Some of the tools of my positions

While not drawing a salary per se, I believe my current skill set makes a substantial contribution to both SyGul Home on the Roam and Jimmy G. Johnson Consulting, and I’m happy in my current “employ.” Jimmy G. Johnson Consulting is also getting a heck of a deal for the business; it is a labor of love.

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