Pi Day, Live Oaks, and “Soup”er Mud Fest

March 14, 2015 (By Jimmy) – today at 9:26 and 53 seconds the date was 3141592653.  To those who hate math, this may mean nothing, but to those of us who love it, that is the date representation of 3.141592653 or Pi.  Pi is calculated by dividing the circumference of a circle by it’s radius.  I remember when I was a kid in grade school, my dad, who was a math teacher, had a bunch of lids, and every kid got to pick a lid.  He had everything from small bottle caps to coffee can lids.  Then he had us measure around the lid and from the center to the outer edge and divide.  How funny.  We all seemed to come up with the same answer no matter how big or small the lid was.  Okay, I have a love for math; my dad was a math teacher, and I’m an accountant, so numbers are a part of me.  So when Pi day (which only happens once every 100 years) came up, I had to mention it.

Live Oaks are big beautiful trees and are really abundant here in the deep south.  I have fallen in love with these trees and had a great idea.  I think Angela and I should take one of these trees with us when we visit other areas of the country.  It would provide for shade, and it would allow us to reflect on the south wherever we go.  I asked Angela what she thought, and she didn’t think I could get one to fit in the storage under the RV.


Live Oak Tree

Determined to press on, Angela and I went to Wal-Mart today where I found a store clerk and started up a conversation.  She ask what I needed and I asked her if she had some smaller Live Oak Trees and maybe a cart with which to pull them.  She got this look on her face and said right out “You have got to be kidding,” to which we all had a good laugh.  I guess some things have to be left to their own area.  No matter how much I like the desert I will not be able to collect Arizona (except maybe in pictures), I won’t be able to move the black hills or the empire state building, and I guess the live oaks look pretty enough right here in the south where I can come and see them as often as I like.


In front of Church in Bay St. Louis, MS


In Washington Park in Mobile, AL


Lining the Streets


Giving Beauty to Parks and Cemetaries


Gorgeous Southern Charm

Now, today was not a holiday; St. Patrick Day is this coming Tuesday, but around here you’d think that it was St. Paddy’s day already.  There was a parade that blocked us from getting around town, and everyone was dressed in green. We understand that it was the 51st annual Waveland St. Patrick’s Day parade. Tons of parties could be found as we drove around after the parade.  It was a big day.  I actually think they were celebrating the first sunny day after five days of rain. Oh, well, I’ll take it.  Even with all the festivities for St. Patrick’s Day, Angela found an interesting celebration for us to get involved in in Bay St. Louis today.  It is called the “Soup”er Mud Fest.


Angela at the Souper Mud Fest

This celebration is to support the local food bank and at the same time support local artists and businesses.  Here’s how it works.  You first go to a pavilion that has a bunch of ceramic bowls (created by local artists).


There were hundreds of ceramic bowls to buy

Then you buy a bowl for $20 (half of that price goes to the local food bank).


My bowl is the orange one, Angela’s bowl is the green one with the handle

You are then provided a list of merchants that are participating in the event and you go to their store and they will fill your bowl (or styrofoam insert) with soup, and you eat while browsing in their store. Some stores also served bread, wine, etc. also.


List of the Merchants involved in the celebration


Potato Soup on one of the merchants back porch


Inside the merchant’s store


This store sold cute little nick nacks

The fun part of walking around was the beauty of the Bay St. Louis downtown area and the people we met.  Here are some pictures of this cute little town on the Gulf of Mexico.


Part of the Downtown area, lots of people carrying bowls.


People dressed for St. Patrick’s Day enjoying the sunshine, music and sights


One guy trying to get run over and another seemingly bringing it back up in the middle of the road


Mural on one of the buildings


I even found an old Triumph


Beautiful church with Live Oaks in the front


This vendor had her wares outside for a nice day – Peace

So, that’s what this weekend was like for us.  I head back to the Boston Area for work tomorrow… I guess you can tell where I’d rather be.  Love the south.  Until later… Later…

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