Awaken by Birds’ Songs

March 3, 2015 (by Angela)

While I know the weather is going to change soon, first to rain and then back to cooler weather, I’m savoring ever last bit of joy from the spring-like weather of the last couple of days. Immediately after I checked my phone for the current temperature, I got a warning message on my phone:  “A winter storm warning has been issued for your area.”


That got my attention. Though it is to drop back into 40s for highs here on Thursday, I do not think that justifies a winter storm warning.  Once I checked the details of the alert, I realized the warning is for the Nashville, Tennessee, area, not here in Southern Alabama…..thankfully! Though I ache for friends and family in the area of this latest winter storm warning, I will count my blessings to be in a place where having highs in the 40s is as about as bad as winter gets.

Last night, we slept with several windows open; it did not get below 60 overnight. Because of this, I was able to awaken to the songs of birds. I’ve seen mockingbirds, robins, bluejays, woodpeckers, and birds I can’t even identify, but when I went out this afternoon with my camera in hopes of bird pictures, a warning flashed. “Fly away or hide,” the birds told each other. “This is a camera alarm.” Thus, I could not get close enough to a single bird to make a picture with my camera, where without it, it would have been easy to see and get close. Other wildlife, like one of the many squirrels, didn’t seem to mind the camera.


Based on the forecast, I think we may be able to leave some windows open tonight, too. Even if the rain begins this evening, as long as temps stay up, the sound of the rain on the RV roof can be enjoyed; the sound is reminiscent of the rain on the tin roof of my great-grandmother’s house.

While winter has not yet ceded to spring, I’ll take these little spring-like days and the opportunity to be awaken by the songs of birds in this wildlife-filled campground and be thankful.


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