Time for a Change

February 26, 2015 (by Angela)

Wow! Has it really been over a week since we last posted? Things have been pretty busy around here for Jim; he’s worked, and is working, hard on his current project. I’ve done laundry, grocery shopping, light household chores, reading, and I’ve been acting as Jim’s administrative assistant (pro bono).

You see, not only is it time for us to change our physical location, it is also time for a change in the business format under which Jim works.  Through this current contract, which he will wrap up with a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, next week, Jim has worked W-2 jobs as a consultant. Starting the following week and for the foreseeable future, Jimmy will work as a sole proprietor DBA Jimmy G. Johnson Consulting. Moving to a strict 1099 status, we’ve been busy getting things together for him to operate his business: quotes for of the applicable insurance needed, tax information and requirements, etc.  Jim has not had time to deal with all of this on his own, so I’ve helped. In addition to this, the hospital in which he will work next has stringent medical documentation requirements, so I’ve helped him pull that documentation together and schedule to get any tests or vaccines he has not had or could not document.  *Whoo!* *wiping my brow* It has been a busy week or so.

Our current site rent is paid through Saturday, but since Jim is flying out Saturday, we’ve opted to move tomorrow. We’ve got 10 free camping days through Ocean Canyon Properties that must be used by the end of September this year, and this is about the only time we see free to use the bulk of that.  There is an OCP RV park about 3 miles from here, so when we move tomorrow, we are going to that property, Styx River RV Park , for a week. Chewie and I will hang out there until Jim gets back from Colorado.

Styx River - an Ocean Canyon Property

Styx River – an Ocean Canyon Property

Entrance to Styx River RV Resort Park

Entrance to Styx River RV Resort Park

Styx River RV Resort Park is a sister property to Mountain Lakes. Jim and I drove through the place last weekend, so we would have a feel for it before moving over there tomorrow. It was disappointing as we do not believe the quality at Styx River is anything comparable to that at Mountain Lakes, but it is a week of free, full hook-ups camping, so that works for us. The area is pretty cramped and not very level.  The sites visible from the road are some of the better sites (see pics below).




We’ve mentioned hearing the gun range across the Interstate from Azalea Acres in this post, but next week, we are going to be almost next door to the Styx River Shooting Center.

Styx River Shooting Center

Styx River Shooting Center

There is a pretty cool truck stop between Azalea Acres and Styx River RV Park; it has a Subway, a Chester’s, and a sit-down diner named Derailed.  Food at the restaurant is pretty decent, and it is a fun place to visit.

Oasis Travel Center (Exit 53 off I-10 in Alabama

Oasis Travel Center Exit 53 off I-10 in Alabama

Derailed Diner at Oasis Truck Stop

Derailed Diner at Oasis Truck Stop

At the end of our week at Styx River, we will move to Buccaneer State Park in Mississippi where we will camp for a month. Three weeks of that time, Jim will be flying to and from the Boston area as he works a three-week project near Bean Town; he’ll have one week off before we move to Northern Mississippi or the Southern Tennessee area for what is expected to be the contract that follows the one in Massachusetts; that job is to last until the summer of 2016.

So, for now, we are on the roam again! If we get close to you, give us a shout out; we’d love to meet you down the road.

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