Bay Breeze RV Park, Gulf Shores, AL

February 2015


Sign at the entrance of the park

Bay Breeze RV Park 1901 Bay Breeze Parkway Gulf Shores, AL 36542 (251) 540-2362 E-Mail – Website – Rate: $35-$50 per day, $575 per month (but if you stay in Feb and Mar you must stay in January).  Here’s the rate menu:


Rate Menu

Lots: Very small and close together.  This is one of the smallest camp sites I’ve seen; there are between 20 and 25 lots.  Here’s the Lot Map


Lot Map

Positives:  Location! The Campsite is on the beach facing the bay side (no access to the gulf side without a bit of travel).  View is gorgeous. Negatives:  The rate schedule is not good for someone like me that likes to stay a month somewhere before moving on.  If you stay three months or two days, then you are golden, but to stay a month is limited depending on the time of year.  The beaches may be 20 ft. wide on each side of the pier, not a big beach at all. I talked with a couple that was staying there and asked about the size of the park.  They said they stayed in larger parks but enjoyed the intimacy of being with a small group.  They said it’s easier to make friends in a small campground.  They also said that every afternoon at a set time they had a get together to talk about the day and goings on.  I put this in the positive category.


Entrance into the park


Front Office


Tight but Pretty (all lots are back in)


Dock (sign says 150 ft. but I don’t think it’s that long)


Small beach beside dock


Small beach on the other side of the dock and the shoreline


This is pretty much the length of the park

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