Colorado for my Birthday

January 31,2015 (by Jimmy) – All my life my birthday has been a cold day, and for some strange reason, fate has always deemed to make it colder than what it has to be.  Let me explain.

My birthday is February 2nd – middle of winter, so it’s supposed to be a cold day.  When I was a kid (in Illinois) I never had an outdoor birthday party because it was always cold on my birthday. In recent years, due to job circumstances or personal decisions, I have endured colder than normal weather on my birthday.

For instance, two years ago I knocked off a bucket list item.  You see February 2nd is not only my birthday, but it is also Groundhog’s Day. It had always been a desire of mine to go to Punxsutawney, PA for my birthday, so I went, and here’s how I dressed.


Dressed for the Groundhog 2013

Angela and I stood out in 2-degree weather (not including wind chill) from 1:30 AM until about 7:00 AM:  Brrrrrr.

Now Angela may tell you that last year when we went to Savannah, GA for my birthday, it was not cold.  But if you look at it in comparison to the contract I went on two weeks later (Maui, Hawaii), I would say it could have been warmer.


a few weeks after my birthday 2014

So this year Angela and I took the RV to LA (Lower Alabama) to get warm, and I’m looking forward to enjoying a warm birthday for the first time in my life (okay, maybe not, but let’s go with it), and what happens?  I get a contract.  Where is that contract? Colorado!!!

It’s great to have a new contract, but I should have known it was going to be in a colder climate.  The folks I’m set up to work with have already told me that it will be snowing each day I’m on site with the client.  I will work the contract here from the RV, but I have to take a trip to Colorado to set up what they need done.  It just so happens that I have to be in Colorado for my birthday.  Bring on the cold… Again!

2 thoughts on “Colorado for my Birthday

    • I see that Salt Lake is about 200-250 miles from here. I would love to visit but I’m going to find a place to watch the Super Bowl tonight and will be working the next two days with my client and catching a flight home on Wednesday. Plus I hear the weather is not supposed to cooperate. I may be back in a few weeks to wrap up the project, keep watch and maybe we can set up something then. Thanks, Jimmy…


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