Shopping and Eating Like a Local While on the Road

January 24, 2015 (by Angela)

Back from my jaunt to Tennessee and Northern Alabama, getting some groceries was on the list of things to do today. Jim and I try to shop like locals, and this is how it went.

Our first stop, after picking up some items at Dollar General and posting some mail, was the Loxley Farm Market. Here we purchased some grapefruit and apples. Next, we stopped at the local discount bread store. We purchased a loaf of Nature’s Own Wheat Bread, a pack of Nature’s Own Wheat Bagels, and a loaf of Bunny Bread Bar-B-Q Bread; each of these items, fresher than most bread found in almost any grocery store, cost $ .99 each.  Additionally, we purchased a box of mini Moonpies, a box of Graham crackers (for S’mores), and individual sizes each of a cherry pie and fig newtons (not pictured – morning snacks for us).

After our stop in Loxley, we went to the mall area in nearby Spanish Fort to have my wedding rings cleaned and checked at Kay Jewelers. Chatting with the lady who helped us there made us hungry since we talked about really good local places to eat, so we decided to go down the causeway between Spanish Fort and Mobile to Ed’s Seafood Shack to have lunch. This is definitely a local favorite. Here are a few pictures from our impromptu lunch stop.


Inside Ed’s Seafood Shack (after I made this photo, the place got pretty full – were we early for lunch?)


Jim’s Fried Combo Platter

View of the bay from Ed's Seafood Shack

Our view of the bay from Ed’s Seafood Shack

Following our yummy meal, we headed down to Daphne, Alabama (all of these little towns run one right after the other – they are not far apart) to another Farmer’s Market I enjoy visiting.  Here, we picked up 10 pounds of Idaho potatoes, a pound of red potatoes, a bunch of local romaine lettuce, a pint of fairly local (Florida) strawberries, a dozen local farm eggs, a bag of marshmallows (for S’mores), bacon, milk, and cream cheese. I didn’t buy any more meat because I still have some locally-purchased grass-fed beef in the freezer and some canned salmon in the cabinet. Jim was not interested in the fresh, locally grown kale; he was adamant that we did NOT need that.  For some reason, Jim is not a fan of kale.

Below are a couple of pictures of the groceries we purchased without going into any chain grocery store today. How much did we spend? It is broken down below, but we ended up spending only $40.97 for the food we need for the week.

  • Loxley Farmer’s Market                – $  4.76
  • Bunny Bread Discount Store –      – $10.89
  • Allegri Farm Market Inc.               – $ 25.32
Shopping for food like a local -  today's haul

Shopping for food like a local – today’s haul


A little closer shot – can you see the “local” labeling?

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