Geocaching – What’s that?

January 10, 2015 (by Angela)

Fun seeking is a big part of our RV adventure. Last night, Jim and I were discussing what we might want to do today to be out of the camper and have some fun; we’d not come to any decisions before I headed to bed. He and I knew the forecast was for it to be a bit warmer and sunny today, but it didn’t sound like it was going to be good enough weather to be out in the elements all day or to enjoy the trip to Dauphin Island we hope to make while staying in the area. When Jim came to bed, I just vaguely remember him suggesting that we go geocaching today, and I sleepily agreed.

Early this morning, while out with Chewie, the dog helped us meet one of our neighbors. We had a nice chat with the lady, and somehow the plans to go geocaching came up in conversation. To quote her, “Geocaching – What’s that?” Jim and I tried to explain it to her, and I’m not sure she got it, but she did say, “I think I’ve heard of that.”

If you’re like our RV Park neighbor and may have heard of geocaching but don’t really know what it is, then check out the geocaching web site by clicking HERE. I began geocaching in 2005, not too long after the new sport began. It is huge today with geocaches scattered all over the world. There is no doubt that you pass geocaches every day and just do not realize it. The “caches,” which take many shapes, sizes, and personas, are associated with GPS coordinates. When I first began the sport, I used a handheld GPS; today we can use our smart phones. The idea is to locate these hidden caches, prove you found the cache (usually by simply signing a log), and then record your find at the geocaching web site.  There is much, much more to the activity, but this is the basic idea. It is tons of fun.

So, as planned, Jim and I spent a couple of hours geocaching in the general area today. We were outside long enough to find each cache, and then we were back in the sun-warmed car as we plotted and traveled to our next cache.  He and I attempted nine caches today. Two we could not access due to “muggles,” people around who might be curious as to what we were doing and who could potentially mess up a hide (cache). One we could not locate despite our best efforts, and six were successfully found and logged. Here are a few photos from the day. I wish I had made more, but we were each using our phones as both GPS and camera, so it was hard to remember to switch back and forth.

Angela, Chewie, and Jim out geocaching in AL

Angela, Chewie, and Jim out geocaching in AL

Looking for a cache

Looking for a cache

Jim's returning the log to a cache

Returning the log to a cache

20150110_134436 (2)

The River Styx was problematic – no really good place to park and too many “muggles” passing by; this was not a cache we got to try.

Angela’s signing the log – final cache today

If you’ve never been geocaching, I recommend you give it a try.  It is great exercise for the brain and the body, and if you really get involved, you may make new friends along the way.  It is a sport in which you can take part any time of the day or night (yes, there are night caches) seven days a week all year long and all over the world.  If you are a fellow geocacher, share your most interesting cache find with us below.

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