Ok, I’m feeling better now…

December 11, 2014 – (by Jimmy) Wow, that cold hung on for quite a while and I still have a bit of a cough and throat tickle, but the worst of it is behind me (hopefully).  I did have the best doctor anyone could ask for, Angela.  Let it be known, when I’m sick, I’m a child.  Now if you can find a wife that will take care of you as a sick child, well, hang on to that one, she’s a keeper.  I only had to call my momma twice because Angela made fun of me acting like a baby.  Momma took her side both times; I need to learn.  Now Angela has this special potion she uses on me that makes the whole thing bearable.  The main ingredients are Vick’s Salve and Whiskey. Now you can’t go wrong with that combination.  Anyway, I’m back among the living and thought I needed to let y’all know.

First, on the work front.  I have two companies with clients that need my help.  One in Texas the other in MA (I don’t know how to spell Massacheu… Masa… MA, you know where I’m talking about).  The one in TX is three months long and if that one comes through we’ll move the RV down there to support the client.  The one in MA is two months long, and for that one I will fly out of Nashville because it wouldn’t be prudent to move the RV to MA for 2 months (especially in Jan and Feb).  Either one would be fine with me, I want to get back to work.  I guess I’m secretly hoping the one in TX comes in first because we got the RV so we could be on client site together.  But under the category “if you want God to laugh, tell him what you plan to do;” it would be ironic to have my first contract be somewhere that we wouldn’t want to move the RV.  Oh well, my luck I’ll wind up in Kansas.

Now on the holiday front.  We know whatever project comes to fruition, I won’t start until January.  This means that Christmas is open, and since we did Thanksgiving with Angela’s family, we are going to do Christmas with my family.  My family is in Southern Illinois, so we are going to move the RV to Paducah, KY (I can spell Kentucky) on Dec 22 and staying until Dec 26.  If the MA project comes in, then we will move back to the Texas T, and I will fly out of Nashville each week.  If the TX project comes in, we will move the RV from KY to TX.  That leaves four days to get the RV set-up, and enjoy the season with family.  Now Angela has already given me my Christmas present.  We both have one fault when it comes to Christmas presents: she can’t wait to see me open my presents and neither can I.  So she tells me she put my present on her side of the closet.  I go in and look and what do I pull out.  A Poop Sloop, at least that’s what I call it.  I think the real name is sewer hose support; it allows the hose going to the dump to slope down at an angle instead of laying on the ground needing to be lifted to drain it.  Okay, most of you may not be as enthusiastic as I am about getting such a gift, but in our current lifestyle, it was perfect.

Now on the dog front.  I don’t know if I’ve told you but our dog “Chewie” is the king of the RV.  Whatever he wants all he has to do is ask, and he will get it.  He will look at either Angela or me and go “Ruufff”  That means food, “Ruffff” means water, “Rrruf” means I need to go outside, and “Arrruff” means give me a butt scratch.  When he’s not asleep, which is 16 hours of his day, he is Ruffing about something.  He has a mattress in the floor and a secondary bed, which we normally call the couch, that he uses when he wants to see his kingdom outside.  We sometimes call him Yertle the Turtle Dog “King of all he sees” – See Dr. Seuss.

We are getting to know some of our neighbors but that’s a story in development since I just got well.  So until later… Later…

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