Additional Update on Window Weatherizing and Removing Humidity in the RV with “Yertle the Turtle”

December 11, 2014 (by Angela)

We’ve now had a couple of nights at or below freezing again, so I feel like I can give a really good update on the two windows I covered with plastic weatherization material.  It works! Drafts are minimal – I really think any drafts I feel are more from seams in the slide, not the windows.  The windows have some fog now and then, but there is no real condensation on the cover windows.  There is a little bit of moisture around the edges where the plastic attaches to the window frame with the double-back tape, but it is not causing a problem with holding the seal, and it is nothing compared to the level of moisture we had before. If you want to get the back story, please read Experiment Update, Experiment in Process, and Challenges and Things I’d Like to Change.

In the interest of full disclosure, about a week (maybe a day or two less) before I covered the windows in plastic, I also put three Eva-Dry wireless dehumidifiers in the camper. The 500 Eva-Dry in the bedroom filled up more quickly after covering the windows. The first week it was out, I did not see any real color change in the bedroom, but in the second week, the dehumidifier went from mostly blue to mostly pink, indicating it was full of moisture. Tonight, I need to plug it up in the bathroom with the vent open and fan running to dry it out and re-set the dehumidifier for use. The 333 Eva-Dry hanging in the closet is no where near ready to re-charge.

As far as the rest of the camper goes, I’ve not yet covered any more windows in plastic, and the Eva-Dry 500 in the living area is purple, so I have a few more days before it reaches pink and needs to re-charge.  Upon the advice of another camper in the park, we’ve left the main vent in the ceiling cracked open 24/7.  There seems to be minimal difference in the temperature comfort level of the camper, but between the Eva-Dry dehumidifier and this, the condensation on the windows is half or less than it had been. I am more careful about running the vent fan above the stove and cracking slightly the kitchen window when cooking, too.

I think putting plastic over the larger windows will be beneficial, but I’m waiting to do this until we know where we are going next.  At this very moment, while I am typing this post, Jim is communicating with two different companies about similar projects that will begin about the same time.  One is three months in Texas, and the other is two months in Massachusetts. Whichever job comes to a signed contract first will be the one he takes. If it is Texas, then I’m not covering the windows. If it is Massachusetts, then he will fly back and forth as we are not taking the camper to the Northeast for 8 weeks in the coldest part of winter (projects most likely will begin in January).  Should we stay here while he goes back and forth to the NE, then I will cover the larger windows when we know that is the plan. In Jim’s business, nothing is set until the contract is signed.  Who knows, we could end up almost anywhere in January, including here if both projects fall through *shrug*.  Regardless, we have to keep the windows clear. so Chewie (AKA Yertle the Turtle per Jim) can see his domain (king of all that he can see).

Chewie on Sofa (AKA Yertle the Turtle) That is not fog or condensation on the windows, it is glare from the camera flash.

Chewie on sofa (AKA Yertle the Turtle) That is not fog or condensation on the windows, it is glare from the camera flash.

In the meantime, I feel like we are slowly getting the hang of living in the 5th Wheel. 🙂

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