Catching Up on Sleep and Settling In

November 29, 2014 (by Angela)

Whew! What a week it has been. Between getting home from our son’s house Thanksgiving Day and this morning, we’ve been catching up on sleep.  Jim and I were not total lazy bones yesterday; we did get some organizing done, but we certainly didn’t over do it. We’ve continued organizing and getting the rest of our belongings settled into the camper today. Jim labeled all of the spices in the spice drawer for me (yes, it took an entire drawer for cooking spices). Despite what we’ve done so far, we’ve got plenty more to do.

Getting Organized

Getting Organized

I actually am very thankful that last week’s potential for a project has not yet come to fruition; we need the down time, so we can be ready when it is time to roll on out to the next stop. While I want Jim to get on a contract he will enjoy sooner rather than later, I am not going to cry if we get the entire month of December off before we have to travel to a client site.

Of course, all we have to do is state our plans, and something will change. I’m going to take a chance and share what we THINK will be our plans for the next month or so. Today, we paid for a month here at Texas T, which could also make a contract come through prior to Christmas – you know, paying for a non-refundable month. I swear that had we paid for a whole month last Saturday as originally planned, the potential contract would have come through by now. LOL However, there was a lesson learned here: go ahead and pay for the month unless we know beyond a shadow of doubt that we will only be at the site a week or less. You see, the week cost $180, but the entire month cost $340 plus our electricity usage at 13 cents per KWH. Do the math – a month is way better financially speaking.

Should we still not have a client site to which we need to travel by the week of Christmas, we are going to leave here a few days early and head to the Paducah, Kentucky/Metropolis, Illinois, area to visit with Jim’s family over Christmas (see “Map” on the home page).  Then, depending on what is happening, we may head for warmer temperatures while waiting for the call to travel to the next job.

It will be interesting to see how much of our “plans” above go as planned.  I guess that is just part of the fun.

In the meantime, the 5th Wheel feels more and more like home, and that is a good thing when we are home on the roam.

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