First Stop – Alabama

November 20, 2014 (by Jimmy) – As I type this I am sitting outside at a picnic table, gazing across Guntersville Lake, a gentle breeze is blowing, the dog is laying beside me, and I have Jimmy Buffet playing on the outside speakers.  In short… Life is good!!!

Yesterday, we finished our stay at Jellystone in Nashville. We packed up and were set to leave at 10:00 AM.  However, as I was backing the truck to hook up, Angela had a problem lifting the front of the camper.  The electric lift would not work.  So we called the dealer and talked to the service folks, and there was a fuse blown that needed to be replaced.  I went to the shop and got the fuse, replaced it, and tried to lift the RV.  The fuse promptly blew.  To make a long story short, the shop guy had to come out and found a loose wire, and we finally hit the road at 11:30. This was my first time ever driving a truck and fifth-wheel, but Angela said I did really well for my first time.  We drove Interstate; we drove through Nashville and Huntsville; we drove two lane roads up and down a mountain. I can now claim that I have driven the truck and fifth-wheel. Since we left an hour and a half after planned, we arrived after dark, so we now have one more item to add to our list of experiences, setting up after dark.

Uneventful?  Please, what in this adventure has been smooth?  We got set up and Angela goes in to turn on the heat and smells gas.  No, natural not mine.  What happened is we had a can fall out of the cabinet and when it dropped it hit the knob to the stove and turned the stove on.  Since we had the gas turned off in transit, it didn’t present a problem.  When we turned on the gas to run the heat, then the stove started pumping propane.  One more lesson. The temperature has risen pretty good today.  The wind is cold, but the sun feels great.  Angela’s dad and step mom are coming over for a visit.  They live in Decatur, AL and are bringing barbecue, yum.  Well, the dog is laying here by me and is hoping to get in a good walk.

Jimmy just finished “Let’s Get Drunk and Screw,” and I have nothing better to do, so until later… Later… 20141120_130831   GE DIGITAL CAMERAGE DIGITAL CAMERAGE DIGITAL CAMERA

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