Learning Experiences – It Will Be Freezing Tomorrow

November 17, 2014 (by Jimmy) – Why is that a big deal?  Because tomorrow for the first time I need to dump our tanks.  Not only do I get to experience this wonderful task, but I get to do it for the first time with the temps in the twenties, brrr.  This will be a learning experience.  Speaking of learning experiences, this weekend has been filled with them.

First a few things I don’t get to claim as learned.  We picked up the RV and I drove it to our first RV park, 100 yards from the RV Sales office.  Yep, I pulled out of the Sales Parking Lot, went to the next turn in and entered Jellystone RV Park.  So even though I drove, I still can’t check that experience off the list just yet.  Nor can I check off backing the RV since we are in a pull through camp site.

There are a number of things I can check off.  First I can claim dealing with no water.  This one was my mistake.  We went to the front desk to get our site number and learned that when the temperature gets under 32 degrees we have to turn off the water and unhook our hose so that the pipe at the RV site doesn’t freeze and burst.  Well, we had a lot of things we were doing for the first time and filling the fresh water tank was one I didn’t think needed to be done.  I thought it would freeze as well (our is insulated and heated), I don’t know what was going through head but I didn’t fill the tank that first night.  The next morning, we have no water, period.  It was to stay under 32 until almost noon.  So our first morning was needlessly dry due to my stupidity.  I did learn that I can brush my teeth, shave, and take care of all my hygene issues with one bottle of water, if necessary.

I learned that when the sun shines through our big picture window in the back of the RV it can get nice and warm no matter what the temperature is outside.  I learned this when I saw the dog warming his belly.  I learned that an electric blanket is perfect for an RV.  I learned that my wife can put 50 items in a space made for 25 with space left over, she’s amazing.

The biggest thing I have learned is when you live in an RV you have to not only think about today you have to think about how your actions of today are going to affect tomorrow.  Is the weather conditions tomorrow mean you need to fill the fresh water tank today.  Do you need to make sure that you have enough battery power to last a time when you will be between campsites and not able to hook up.  When we lived in a house and apartment we didn’t have to think about these kind of things. The learning has started, we did our first set up without any major issues. Now if I can only learn to dump the tanks without freezing.  Stay tuned…

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