The Storm before the Calm

November 11, 2014 (by Angela)

No, I did not quote incorrectly the expression by accident; I titled this post exactly as intended. Why? Because we are in the storm before the calm of our new lifestyle (or at least I am).

We are four days and a wake up before moving the rest of our belongings into either the storage unit or the camper, and the pictures below show the “storm” of a mess I’m in.

The "mess I'm in" - what was our dining area

The “mess I’m in” – what was our dining area

The "mess I'm in" - our bedroom & closet area

The “mess I’m in” – our bedroom & closet area

The "mess I'm in" - extra bedroom/office area

The “mess I’m in” – extra bedroom/office area

Will we ever be able to decide what we keep and what goes? Will we have everything ready for movers to move furniture and boxes to the storage unit Saturday morning? Will we ever get everything we need (or think we need) moved into the camper?

While not a real surprise considering it is the middle of November, our efforts are going to be impeded by a blast (or two) from the Polar Vortex. Temps after today are to be extremely cold for late fall, and it looks like our first 24 hours in the camper will not only be cold but also wet.  In fact, snow flurries are in the forecast for Sunday morning.  BRRR!

I hope moving goes well on Saturday, so Jim and I can get the camper moved to the campground and set up before dark falls and rain comes.  *fingers crossed*

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