Update, Update, Update.

October 25, 2014 – by Jimmy – This shows that Angela and I do think alike.  I got up this morning and told Angela that I planned to post a blog entry today since it has been awhile.  She laughed at me (which in my household is normal operating procedure).  So I said “Ok, what are you laughing about now”.  She said I just finished a post.  Sometimes it’s freaky how much we think alike.

First off I’ve been working.  I’m three weeks into a 6 week project and it looks like this project will end pretty much on time.  This is important because all of our downsizing, selling, donating, giving away, trashing, and storing ends when we move into the RV.  The date we plan to do that will be when I complete this project.  So as it stands, we will move into the RV three weeks from today.

Now what has been done since the last time I wrote.  The fifth wheel hitch is now in the truck, so as Forrest Gump says “That’s one less thing”.  We raided the closet and identified the clothes that will be moved into the RV, that’s good.  However, the thing for which I am most proud is that I added a map to the blog.  When you finish reading this go to the main page and click on “Map” in the header.  I had been looking for a way to show where we are, where we’ve been, and where we plan to go.  Well, I found a site called “Roadtrippers” you can find that link here.  I put in the places we expect to go from Nov 15 and now have it posted on the blog.  We will add to this map as we move around and you can follow us and, if we happen to be near where you are, let us know maybe we can visit.

I don’t plan to go as long between posts, but I can’t promise anything.  This is a new lifestyle and we have heard that the biggest problem faced by most folks on the road is finding connectivity.  I only promise we will do our best to keep all our family, friends, and followers informed on our adventure.  Have a great weekend and I’ll talk more soon… Jimmy

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