A Hitch in Our Plans (or Storage Unit Renter Beware)

October 26, 2014 (by Angela)

Today, Jim and I loaded Gulliver with boxes of framed artwork that we did not want to entrust to paid movers and delivered them to our storage unit. Now, we rented the unit unseen, but we confirmed with the CubeSmart manager multiple times that we were getting a 10′ x 10 (x 8′-height) climate controlled unit as requested in our online reservation. We paid for a 10′ x 10′ climate controlled unit, but that is not what we were given.

When we first entered the storage unit, there was part of a post, or something, that took a good chuck out of the available space along one side wall, and the unit did not look square; it looked rectangular.  What we discovered is that we had been given an 8′ x 10′ (x 8′ – height) climate controlled unit that was not quite those dimensions due to the post while we had paid for a larger unit.  Although the few items we have taken to the unit ourselves are stored there at the moment, tomorrow, hopefully, we will have the correct size and type of unit and a partial refund for overpayment for the first month.

I’m livid because I was so painstakingly clear about what we needed and verified multiple times with the manager as to what we were getting.  If it is not easily resolved tomorrow, then Jim must take over on this issue as I do for him when it regards the Department of Motor Vehicles. Doing so saves him from going to jail because he gets so upset at the DMV; he may keep me out of trouble by taking point on the storage unit issue.

I’m glad their error was discovered before we attempted to fit all of our stuff into a too-small unit, but I am not happy about having to move the equivalent of two truck loads of items a second time because the manager doesn’t know the difference between an 8′ x 10′ and a 10′ x 10′. Such is life!

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