Slowly Downsizing and Moving Into Our RV

October 25, 2014 (by Angela)

Each day, we reduce the number of items we own through three ways: selling items using Craigslist (online yard sale), giving things away to family and charitable organizations, or throwing things away.  Items with which we do not want to part are being packed for storage. At the same time, Jim and I are slowly moving items into the 5th Wheel even though it is still parked at the dealership, where it will stay for about three more weeks. Today, we will take another load over.

I’ve drawn out a map of how I hope things will fit into the 10’x10′ storage unit we have rented, and I have my fingers crossed it will fit as hoped.  Movers are booked for three weeks from today to load a rented moving truck at the apartment, and another crew of movers is booked to meet us at the storage unit to help us unload there.

Jim and I are both excited to get everything squared away, so we can begin our adventure.

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