To Hire or Not To Hire and To Store or Not To Store

October 12, 2014 (by Angela)

To Hire or Not To Hire:

Jim wanted to use Gulliver, our Ram truck, to move as many things as we could to our newly rented storage unit before having the new 5th Wheel installed in the bed of the truck, so we loaded boxes of dishes not going into the camper and a cherry bed into the truck to put into storage today. I had found a 10′ x 10′ climate-controlled unit that is located in what we hope will be a good location for us and as affordable as I could find. The cost of storage units fluctuates based on the law of supply and demand, so it was a job of several hours trying to find the best deal available for our needs. We completed the paper work, paid for the unit, set up future payments to be made automatically, and provided proof of insurance.  Afterwards, we found our unit and unloaded.

After our first trip to the unit, Jim suggested there may be a more efficient way to get the job of moving things into storage done. It dawned on me that he was in Texas working when I had to orchestrate our last downsizing and move out of our house and into the apartment. While he did work with me to empty the storage unit we had used for a few months while trying to finish the job of downsizing enough to truly fit into our 1,150 sq. ft. apartment, I think he’d forgotten how long it takes and what hard work it is to move. I decided it was a good time to tell him about the LivingSocial deal for movers, so I think we will be hiring folks to load and unload and will rent a larger truck, so we can get all of the big and heavy things to storage at the same time. I’m glad he decided hiring help is a good idea. We can still take boxes and lighter things to the unit as we have time to move it over.

To Store or Not To Store:

The 10′ x 10′ x 8′ unit supposedly will hold furniture from 2-3 rooms. We had already decided to sell or give away quite a bit of our furniture and other possessions, so we thought there’d be no issues with fitting it all into this size unit.  After looking at the unit today, we are not so sure.  For one thing, I expected all of the walls to be flat, but one wall of our unit has a section that is about a foot wide that sticks out three or so inches. I was not happy about that, but at this point I guess we will literally work around it.

Since we are concerned about having enough storage space and are unwilling to pay any more per month to store things, each item that is being kept must now go though a test. To decide whether or not to store an item, it must be kept because of its personal value as a family heirloom, or it must be something purchased for an investment, something we truly love, or something that’s replacement cost justifies paying to keep it in storage. With this litmus test in place, I think we may be getting rid of more items than originally planned. Let the downsizing continue!

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