Inspirational RV Bloggers

October 10, 2014 (by Angela)

While Jim and I contemplated entering the RVing lifestyle, we looked for and found people who blogged about RV life. Even now, as we continue making strides toward the fulfillment of our own RVing goals, we continue to follow through reading and/or watching several who blog and/or post YouTube videos. There are a handful of these people who not only entertain and inform us, but who also inspire us. I’m sure that as time goes along, we will find more and more of these wonderful people who share their experiences and wisdom, but for now, here are a few with whom we spend many evenings and free time on weekends.

The Wynns are quirky and fun to watch. I can’t help but smile when we view some of their amusing but oh-so-educational videos. Jason and Nikki seem to get unending pleasure from their lifestyle, and that is very cool. That being said, one of my favorite videos is of Jason changing out the faucet in their bathroom.  He was so honest to post it even though it took him about 5 times the amount of time expected to complete the task; Jason and Nikki are willing to show the “real” part of RV life, not just the fun.  If they do eventually transfer their wandering spirits from land to sea, I hope we will still be able to keep up with their adventures.  You can follow Gone with the Wynns here.

Cherie and Chris, along with Kiki, are another couple Jim and I enjoy.  In particular, we love watching the Youtube videos of previous live presentations followed by Q&A.  Like with the Wynns, we have learned a great deal from these two.  One of the things I appreciate about Cherie and Chris is that I’ve heard them talk about dealing with life issues such as how to maintain their lifestyle while addressing family issues and concerns or budget requirements. You can catch up with Technomadia here.

One of the first blogs we began reading is about Susan and Bob jumping feet first into the full-time RVing lifestyle after both were laid off from their respective jobs within less than a week of each other.  Since we guessed that Susan and Bob might be close to our ages, we were curious to see how RVing worked for them. We now know that they are a bit older than we are, but it has been an interesting journey with them.  I hurt for Susan and didn’t think I could stand to see the pictures of Susan’s “breaking her face” incident; I’m glad it all worked out. If you want to know about Volksmarches, wildlife, or bakeries, ask Susan. 🙂 You can catch the Travel Bug here.

Our go-to guy since purchasing our 5th Wheel has been Peter at RVGeeks. We actually spent one night binge watching RVGeeks videos trying to learn what to do and not to do with our new (to us) camper.  Thank you so much for your educational videos.  You can watch RVGeeks here.

Sean and Kristy of Loloho (Long, long honeymoon) keep us in stitches while educating us on RV life as they show us some beautiful and amazing places to visit.  Of the videos we’ve seen so far, I think what has stuck out in our minds the most is the beauty of the Alaska trip and the results of the water damage at the end of that one. You can watch their videos here.

With a little luck and good fortune, perhaps Jim and I can meet all of these great folks on the road sometime soon. Until then,

2 thoughts on “Inspirational RV Bloggers

  1. Hi Jimmy & Angela! We just happened across your post, and wanted to thank you so much for your kind words about us, and our dear friends Nikki & Jason, too. Congratulations on the purchase of your RV. We’re so happy to hear we’ve been helpful, and wish you a ton of wonderful experiences on the road. Maybe we’ll see you along the way. 🙂

    Safe Travels,


    • Thank you, Peter. Jim said just last night that it would be really cool to meet some of the folks (we have been watching/reading) while out and about sometime.

      He and I continue watching your videos. You are truly appreciated. 🙂

      Angela & Jim


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